Saturday, January 9, 2010

Good ol' San Diego New Year

I don't even know how to begin this post. There are so many random, hilarious, tinkle-inducing moments that I'd like to share but fear they may be lost in translation. I'll do my best to provide photo documentation and be less wordy. Oh jeez, like that's possible. Just sit down and read.

After a whirlwind Christmas with my family and boys, I left the Christmas tree standing and barely made my flight for San Diego. Shelby and I have adopted a tradition of spending New Years together (usually Haley is in the mix as well) and so far, it happens in Spokane.  But this year, we decided to do New Years, San Diego style.  I do not regret this, or any part of it (although Haley, you really should have been there).  It will forever go in the memory books as an excellent adventure.

Shelby picked me up from the airport and somehow (I have no idea who suggested it), we ended up at the El Torito right across the street from the airport for a commemorative shot of Tequila.  Soon enough, we had a random stranger taking pictures with us.  Why does this happen?  That was our cue, it was time to head out.  We got home, stayed up late that night...and every other night after that, until I left.

The next morning, we hit the ground running, quite literally.  Case in point, below photo.  Shelby arranged a track workout so I could get my arse handed to me, like I do every other day of the week at home.  Don't let the others fool you who look like they're just screwing around.  I woulda vomited had I know them better, but I didn't want to be rude.

 That same day, we got to tour the Aqua Sphere grounds and wreak a little havoc while checking out the latest and greatest from them.  I'm looking forward to next years' wetsuit!

That evening, we were able to meet up with some of my high school friends who I haven't seen in 20 years.  The only photos we have, are very "smoky" but I included a couple anyway.  We just thought the restaurant was smoky from the BBQ.  It wasn't until I was sitting on the plane, heading back to Spokane, that I realized I hadn't taken the plastic covering off of my blackberry camera lens.  I got a good laugh out of that one.  Is anyone surprised?

 Ed, Me and Mike.  Good times.  I had to include the below photo of Shelby because she looks like she's 10 (if that) and because she has a ton of food in front of her, although she's the only one who just got a salad.

The downside of the above, spectacular evening was, we had planned on getting up early the next morning for a bike ride with Bill Holland (he built Shelby's ultra-light, Christmas ornament of a bike) and so we had to.  We showed up, smelling like recycling bins with a touch of BBQ.  However, we rallied for a beautiful tour with Bill and were better for it.  Here's Bill and I on the ride.

 Moving on now.  At some point, early in the trip, we found ourselves talking in British accents (just to each other, no other victims involved).  Mine teetered between New Zealand and London and Shelby's was more of an interesting mix between some small British village and Texas.  We amused ourselves (as usual) for hours with this activity although it gave us both headaches, it just kept peppering our dialogue.  I had to include the below, random photo because it is evidence of Shelby's ongoing struggle with depth perception (and the fact that her booster seat doesn't boost-her enough).

The night before New Years Eve Day, we ended up rallying to put on our own performance at home.  We sang late into the night (yes, just the two of us).  And the day I left, rolling my bike box out of her place, her neighbor made a comment about the band equipment.  He seriously thought we had a band.  Takin' that show on the road in 2010, folks.

For New Years Eve day, I had talked Shelby (and she got TCSD to do the rest) into organizing a 5k/10k, so I could do a road race in the nice weather.  We had to stop at the grocery store to pick up snacks and drinks on the way.  We were not aware that you are not allowed to cross the yellow line (which we didn't even see!) with a shopping cart and if you do, it locks up until someone comes and reactivates in it stops and won't move in ANY direction.  I cannot even put into words the chaos we caused in that New Years Eve parking lot that day.  But the cart locked up and we could not seem to find a breath or a moment of logic to fix the problem.  We just crumpled into hysterics.  The below photo was taken after 2 separate/unrelated people had gotten out of their cars and lifted up the cart to move it out of the high traffic area.  In our defense, notice all of the water jugs.  That was one heavy cart!

After the cart debacle, we were off to the races!  It came together quite nicely.  And although an hour before the race, I still wasn't sure if I could get enough momentum going to move forward at a steady rate, I did it.  The good news is, I won my distance!  The bad news is, I was the only one running the '8k'.  I seemed to have missed the turn-around (and the big florescent, green cone that marked it) for the 5k.  And somewhere between the 5 and 10k turn around, it occurred to me.  I considered, for a moment, just going for it and running the 10k but I soon came to my senses and turned around.  Good times.  My friend Ed (from high school) and his beautiful, pregnant, Italian, wife came out and Ed rocked the 10k.


Here I am, finishing the '8k'.  My parents must be so proud of their baby girl.  LOL

And here are some of the other folks in their t-shirts generously donated by Timex.  They're all smiling because they saw the turn around and ran the correct distance.  Awwwlrighty then!

 New Years Eve, Shelby and I found ourselves at the Small Bar (in walking distance from her house).  Below photo, proof that it actually does exist.

 We couldn't think of a better place to spend together, ringing in the New Year.  This proved to be a stuuuuupendous idea (hear the accent?).  We met some nice friends and ended up getting the entire bar singing 'Piano man' by Billy Joel just before midnight struck.  Gloooorious times!

The day before I left, just Shelby and I went for a leisurely bike ride together.  I wish this picture better depicted what a gorgeous day it was.

 After we rode, we drove to Orange County to visit with our friend Kristi, who introduced Shelby and I.  It was a night filled with reminiscing about how we haven't all.  What?
The below photo, of an upside-down, un-frosted cupcake with a little bite taken out--says it all.  We're not sure who the culprit was but we walked by it and laughed for 2 days, rather than picking it up and throwing it away.  A photo, really is, worth a thousand words.


And that brings me to my next form of documentation.  But first, a little background: Shelby and I started our friendship by jumping out of airplanes together (she actually funded my first skydive).  It was so fitting that, during this trip, an old friend dug up and posted a video on youtube of the three of us on a disastrous, flailing, skydive.  For those of you who have done any skydiving, or still do, you'll understand what a train wreck this was.  For those of you who have never jumped out of an airplane, I'm here to tell you that there's nothing amazing or cool about this skydive but man, is it funny.  Please reserve your right to mute until we exit the plane.  We weren't of drinking age yet, and it's that's clearly apparent.  We had the maturity of 14 year olds and the presence of annoying, little sisters.  Oh well, I guess not much has changed.  And no, I hadn't discovered eyebrow shaping yet...obviously.  Watch below, if you dare.

Back to school, early morning training sessions and my sweet, lovable boys.  Carry on!