Thursday, July 22, 2010

I've got a new lawnmower!

Well, actually, not a brand new lawnmower. It's a hand-me-down of sorts. So, I no longer have an excuse to hire the neighbor kid to mow my lawn. Sigh. I haven't actually "used" my new lawnmower though. It's sitting outside the patio door like a dog who rolled in poop and is in exile. It's taunting me to just start it up and take it for a spin. And the idea kind of makes me giggle, considering I've never used a lawnmower before. Never. I understand some of the basic lawn mowing rules, such as: always wear tennis shoes, avoid the pine cones (although I'm *really* curious to see what would happen if I accidentally ran over one), and of course be methodical about your lawn mowing pattern. A "wandering" pattern is the true mark of a rookie.

So, what have I been doing in place of yard work this Summer? I've raced a little and finally feel like myself after taking over a year off. If that's something you're interested in, 2010 results are at bottom of blog but I won't bore you with the details.  Email if you'd like me to bore you with race details.  I've been playing with my boys (water parks are really fun, not just for kids) and reveling in the freedom of having Summer off of school and working at Fitness Fanatics part time.  And of course, a few pictures are always worth more than my 1000+ words. what? I'm wordy.

Jodi and her parallel-parking job.  This is after numerous attempts.  Notice the wheels on the curb. Jodi, Adrianne and I headed over to Whidbey Island for the half marathon in April.  This is in front of my brother's condo in Seattle.  Out of 1500 participants, Jodi got 2nd overall, Adrianne 8th overall and I was 10th overall.  We all placed in our AG.  Good times.  Gatorade bottles work for more than just carrying gatorade.  Ask Jodi.

Jodi and I at the 12k trail run.  She took 1st overall, I took 2nd.  We even beat all the boys.  There may have been only one boy racing but we beat him. Sorry dude.

Spokane Moving Crew.  And Wolfpack.  Long story. From left to right: me, Eve Nelson, Jodi Suter and Adrianne Campbell.

"Family Portrait" This delightful photo is a real gem. This is my Spokane Family.  Starting at back left: Jason & Adrianne Campbell, Troy and Eve Nelson, Paul Suter, Aaron Scott. Bottom row left to right: Annie Warner , me (that's ginger ale ;), lil' Brooke, Jodi Suter & Haley Cooper-Scott.  Leave it to Aaron to find a yard gnome.  Make note of the grass.  Yes, this is in my backyard.

The girls.  Thanks to my dad for all of these photos

Me and the loves of my life.  My little men.

Jodi's other half, Paul.  Between the two of them, I get my rear handed to me at least once a week.

 Haley and I practicing our cyclo-cross skills.  Bri was nice enough to snap this photo of our adventure.

Off for an open water swim in Coeur D'Alene and then I'd better get to that lawn.  Up next: Trail Running Nationals (7/31) and then Lake Stevens (August 15th). Carry on!